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28. April 2015

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WIC Exhibition Race Incheon

WIC Exhibition Race Incheon (ER) read more ...

Kick-off of the premier global Inline skating series

One month before the start pistol will be heard, the organization and registration for the first race taking place in Incheon, South Korea, on Sunday 17th of May 2015, are in the final stages. Athletes and teams from France, Belgium, Germany, New Zealand and Thailand among others will travel to Incheon to compete over the marathon distance together with thousands of Korean... read more ...

Speed and suspense expected

The Local Organising Committees of the WORLD INLINE CUP races in Incheon (KOR) and Ostrava (CZE) have decided to allow the new 125mm wheels for this season. The decision in Incheon refers to skaters from Overseas. Domestic skaters from Korea are currently excluded from this regulation.  read more ...

World´s best and thousands of leisure skaters to compete

On the occasion of the ITB Berlin, the world's leading Travel Trade Show, Sooyong Kim, Member of the Local Organising Committee of the WORLD INLINE CUP INCHEON met Petr Stastny and Volker Schlichting representing the WIC Organization. During the meeting, both sides confirmed their partnership and discussed details how the event, to be held in Korea on Sunday, 17th May 2015... read more ...

75 days to go to the first WIC Race in Incheon

The International Inline Season 2015 has started. Earlier than last year all teams and single athletes can purchase WIC licenses and register for the WIC races directly on our homepage.

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