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The event was hampered by strong and lasting rain.

Ostrava, 20th June 2015, The Grand Slam of Inline skating culminated today on its fourth and last leg of this year´s WORLD INLINE CUP. Ostrava, the Sports City saw great elite races which were accompanied by an extended inline skating programme featuring several kids´ and leisure races as well free skating on the WIC course. All events were hampered by strong and lasting rain. Due to the precipitation even the skaters who were planning in racing on the new and heatedly discussed 125mm wheels... read more ...

Who will get the Trophy?

After an exciting season of skating at Incheon, Rennes, and Dijon the last chapter of the 2015 WORLD INLINE CUP competition is coming to a close. The closing race will be held in Ostrava, Czech Republic on June 20th to determine the male and female overall winners of the WIC 2015.

Bart Swings on his way to the top

Ostrava as the final race of the WORLD INLINE CUP offers more... read more ...

Bart Swings extended his WIC lead - Dan Guo won the women’s WIC race

The Skating Marathon of Dijon staged in its 2015 edition as before not only the WORLD INLINE CUP but also the Roller Marathon French Cup and the World Masters Marathon Championships on the beautiful Park Avenue in the Burgundian city. Thousands of spectators came to watch the top-class starter field.

High class line-up from 25 countries1'200 skaters from 25 countries... read more ...

WIC Race starts at 15.30

The livestream of the 2015 WORLD INLINE CUP in Dijon starts at 15.30. The WIC race starts at 15.45 - other races take place before.

Bande annonce du marathon roller de Dijon 2015 par FFRoller read more ...

Top-Skaters are coming back to Dijon

It was the WIC race in Dijon, France last year where French skater Guillaume de Mallevoue broke the seven year curse, and took an impressive win over Bart Swings, and Yann Guyader. Mallevoue is back for this year's 2015 Dijon race, as well as Bart Swings this year’s Rennes winner. Both athletes are hungry for the victory, which will make an exciting race to watch.On the... read more ...

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