Inline Cups

The World Inline Cup

The most important facts about the world wide inline series

Founded by Iguana Think Tank AG in 1998, the European Inline Cup became the World Inline Cup (WIC) in 2000. In 2002, Iguana resumed all rights to the Tour. Each individual event is arranged by a local organizer. The event must be held according to the International Rulebook. Iguana provides the marketing concept. It also appoints a delegate to each event, who not only checks compliance, but provides race management at World Cup level. Official world teams which have registered for the WIC can only take part in World Cup events.

The philosophy: three point concept

1. The World Inline Cup stands for top sport. The best skaters in the world are at the start of every event. They appreciate the perfect organisation, the most beautiful and centrally-located courses, and the professional marketing of the Inline Skating sport in the media. And they know that the organisers of the Inline movement love the sport.

2. The World Inline Cup stands for mass movement. Every stage is also a festival on rollers without discrimination, without licenses. For the large masses the fun-oriented experience is first and foremost: the thrilling atmosphere, the pulsating programme and the knowledge that the hobby skaters are taken just as seriously as the pros by hat organisers. The World Inline Cup is a platform for the entire family and with family-related services.

3. The World Inline Cup successfully combines sport, fun and adventure with culture. The core of events is the pulsating Inline Village with the best brands, the newest products and exciting activities. And of course, parties with imaginative catering are part of the experience.

The competitions: International Marathons

The World Inline Cup is structured into two (2) classes of international marathons: World Cup Top Class and International Class 1. The athletes can score World Cup ranking points at all races. Only Top-Class-Marathons are allowed to use the label of the World Inline Cup.