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The WORLD INLINE CUP (WIC) is since 2000 the highest international marathon series for inline speed skaters. The world´s best skaters take part in the world's most demanding and biggest marathon races in Europe and Asia and meet fitness skaters from all over the globe. The overall winners will receive prize money after the season. Since 2014 the organizer of the WORLD INLINE CUP is IGUANA Deutschland GmbH


The World Inline Cup stands for top sport. The best skaters in the world are at the start of every event. They appreciate the perfect organisation, the most beautiful and centrally-located courses, and the professional marketing of the Inline Skating sport in the media. And they know that the organisers of the Inline movement love the sport.

The World Inline Cup stands for mass movement. Every stage is also a festival on rollers without discrimination, without licenses. For the large masses the fun-oriented experience is first and foremost: the thrilling atmosphere, the pulsating program and the knowledge that the hobby skaters are taken just as seriously as the pros by hat organisers. The World Inline Cup is a platform for the entire family and with family-related services.

The World Inline Cup successfully combines sport, fun and adventure with culture. The core of events is the pulsating Inline Village with the best brands, the newest products and exciting activities. And of course, parties with imaginative catering are part of the experience.


2nd STAGE OF WORLD INLINE CUP 2024 IN RENNES, FRANCE Belinda Faria (FRA) und Bart Swings (BEL) winner of the Marathon

Berlin, Rennes, 9th June 2024 – The 2nd stage of the WORLD INLINE CUP took place today in perfect conditions in the Breton capital Rennes, France. For the 42nd time, Rennes sur Roulettes once again hosted a weekend dedicated to roller sports with thousands of participants and spectators in the city centre. The highlight of the weekend was once again the International WORLD INLINE CUP Marathon. Athletes from 15 nations took part in the 2nd stage of this year's WIC.

In the men's race, the starting line was absolutely packed. The favourite was of course last year's winner Bart Swings (BEL) from the Powerslide Racing Team. Together with his team-mates Felix Rijhnen (GER), Jason Suttels (BEL) and Mike Paez (MEX), a strong team had travelled to the event. But Nolan Beddiaf (FRA), Timothy Loubineaud (FRA) BONT SKATE EUROPE TEAM, Martin Ferrié (FRA) NL-Premium Team, Patxi Peula (ESP) Rollerblade World Team and the winner of this season's 1st WIC in Funchal, Madeira Julio Mirena from the SheaStokes Inline Speed Team, were also among the favourites alongside many other top skaters. The men stayed together for a long time on the new 2.5km circuit. Even though there were repeated breakaway attempts, it took 8 laps before the finish for Bart Swings to successfully break away. Followed by Nolan Beddiaf, Timothy Loubineaud and his team-mate Felix Rijhnen, he was able to maintain his lead and crossed the finish line in a very fast time of 58:40:49. Felix Rijhnen crossed the finish line on second place ahead of Nolan Beddiaf in a thrilling finish.

In the women's race, the final lap decided the outcome of the top-class international field. Belinda Faria (FRA) from the ALC Bouguenais Roller Team was a little surprisingly victorious, ahead of Marie Dupuy (FRA) from the Powerslide Racing Team and Marine Lefeuvre (FRA) from the NL-Premium Team.

Women's Podium:

  1. Place   Belinda Faria (FRA)                ALC Bouguenais Roller             1:13:15
  2. Place   Marie Dupuy (FRA)                Powerslide Racing Team  1:13:29
  3. Place   Marine Lefeuvre (FRA)            NL-Premium Team                 1:13:29

Men's Podium:

  1. Place Bart Swings (BEL)                    Powerslide Racing Team  0:58:40
  2. Place Felix Rijhnen (GER)                 Powerslide Racing Team  0:59:45
  3. Place Nolan Beddiaf (FRA)                WIC Single Skater                  0:59:45

Following the Marathon in Rennes, France, the next stop of the WORLD INLINE CUP 2024 will be in Harbin, China, on 10 August. The Marathon in Harbin will be a TopClass Marathon with an overall prize money of 20,000 USD.

For further information, please visit www.world-inline-cup.com and/or contact:

Volker Schlichting

IGUANA Deutschland GmbH

Tel. +49 30 83 21 794 20




Harbin, 10th August 2024