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Eugenio Landete Marquina Surprises With Win In Dijon

Katharina Rumpus won in a thrilling finish

With a strong starter field including top athletes from 22 countries and eight teams, the third stop of the WORLD INLINE CUP in the Burgundy capital city of Dijon was a big success.

On a hot afternoon, the marathon in Dijon was a very tactical race with many breakouts and counter attacks, so the audience could witness a very thrilling race. First, skaters from the Rollerblade team like Guillaume de Mallevoue and Quentin Giraudeau tried to break away. Four laps before the finish, Quentin Giraudeau led with 20 seconds before the strong field of pursuers like Bart Swings (Powerslide World Team), Gary Hekman (BONT Skates) and Nolan Beddiaf (EOSkates World Team). But all breakaways were not successful in the end.

Finally, in the last turnaround, the Spanish skater Eugenio Landete Marquina from the In-Gravity International Team surprised with a strong breakaway and could win the third WORLD INLINE CUP race of the 2018 season. Quentin Giraudeau (Rollerblade World Team) crossed the finish line as second and in a photo finish Bart Swings was awarded the third place before Gary Hekman from BONT Skates. “With the victory of a WORLD INLINE CUP race a dream came true. When I realized the opportunity to break away in the last turnaround I ignored all pain and took my chance. I am also very happy for my team with three skaters in the top ten”, said the winner from Spain after the race.

Fast race of the female skaters

The race of the female skaters was also very tactical and fast. Some short breakaways could always be caught up with, so that the race was decided on the finish line. Katharina Rumpus from the Powerslide World Team could demonstrate her sprint strengths and crossed the line first. The second and the third place was a photo finish between BONT Skates and EOSkates World Team. Finally, Manon Kamminga from BONT SKATES could cross the line before Aura Quintana Herrera. “It was a hard and fast race. I knew that I would have good chances in a mass sprint and I am very happy that I succeeded” said Katharina from Germany after the race.



1.Eugenio Landete Marquina (ESP) In-Gravity International Team

2.Quentin Giraudeau (FRA) Rollerblade World Team

3.Bart Swings (BEL) Powerslide World Team


1.Katharina Rumpus (GER) Powerslide World Team

2.Manon Kamminga (NDL) BONT SKATES

3.Aura Christina Quintana Herrera (COL) EOSkates World Team

WIC Calendar 2018

The next stage of the WORLD INLINE CUP will take the international skating elite to the Czech Republic. On Saturday, June 16th, the city of Ostrava will host the fourth WIC race of the season. After the second last leg on the 14th July in Harbin, China the WIC Season 2018 will culminate in the combined finals of the WORLD INLINE CUP and GERMAN INLINE CUP on 15th September in Berlin. The date of Incheon is expected to be announced end of June.

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