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Final Race Of 2018 WORLD INLINE CUP Tomorrow (15th) In Berlin

After thrilling marathons in Oropesa, Castellon (ESP), Rennes (FRA), Dijon (FRA), Ostrava (CZE) and Harbin (CHN), skaters will compete for overall victory in the 2018 WORLD INLINE CUP at the final, the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON INLINESKATING, on Saturday, 15th September, in the German capital.

Bart Swings winning the BMW Berlin Marathon Inlineskating 2017

The world’s biggest Inline Marathon, with more than 5200 entries, starting at 15.30 near the iconic Brandenburg Gate is not only the final of the WIC but also of the GERMAN INLINE CUP.

Extremely close WIC Overall Ranking for the male and female skaters

The men’s race for WORLD INLINE CUP victory will be full of suspense. Twelve skaters still can dream of lifting the trophy on Saturday. The current leader is Ewen Fernandez (FRA) from the Rollerblade World Team with 347 points, second is Bart Swings (BEL) from Powerslide Matter Racing Team with 338 pts and third Landete Eugenio (ESP, InGravity International Team) with 294 pts. Among those also still having a chance for the overall victory are Alexander Bastidas (VEN), InGravity International Team, Felix Rijhnen (GER), Powerslide Matter, Quentin Giraudeau (FRA), Rollerblade, Inigo Vidindo (ESP) InGravity, Nolan Beddiaf (FRA) and Patxi Peula (ESP), both EOSkates World Team, Andrea Bighin (ITA) and Victor Martinez (ESP), both from Castellon Roller Spain Marathon Team and Michal Prokop (CZ) from the Czech National Team. The fact that so many skaters from different teams are so close shows that the WORLD INLINE CUP becomes more and more thrilling.

In the women’s race, with 380 points, Germany’s Katharina Rumpus (Powerslide/Matter Racing Team) is leading closely followed by Anna Odlazek (SLO, 320 points), Carlotta Camarin (ITA, CastellonSpain Roller Marathon Team, 315 points), Aura Quintana Herrera (COL, EOSkates World team, 301 points), Chloe Geoffrey (FRA, Powerslide/Matter racing Team, 264 points, Juliette Pouydebat, 192 points), Marine Lefeuvre, 187 points and Onate Maialen (ESP, CastellonSpain Roller Marathon, 170 points).

The men’s team ranking is currently led by the In-Gravity International Team (855 pts). The women’s team ranking is currently led by the Powerslide Matter Racing Team.

More WIC Teams and starters in 2018 than in the years before

With Arma Racing, Bont Skates, Castellon Marathon, Czech National, EOSkates, InGravity, Powerslide/Matter, SAM Racing and RollerbladeWorld Team the big names participated this year with elite teams at the WORLD INLINE CUP. At each WIC race in 2018 more top skaters were registered than in the past years.

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