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Felix Rijhnen (GER) and Aura Quintana Herrera (COL) win the third leg of the WORLD INLINE CUP in Rennes, France

On Sunday afternoon, many of the world’s best skaters competed for points in the third race for the WORLD INLINE CUP 2019. A thrilling race could be expected with top skaters from the Rollerblade World Team, the Powerslide / Matter Racing and EOSkates World Team, the Castellon Spain Signpost Marathon Team, the Vitoria Gasteiz International Team and the Elurra K.E. Team.

The men’s race was dominated by a group of single adults from four top teams. Felix Rijhnen and Bart Swings from Powerslide, Nolan Beddiaf from EOSkates, Ewen Fernandez from Rollerblade and Elton de Souza from Castellon Spain Signpost Marathon broke away in the third of 13 laps. Six laps before the finish Felix Rijhnen broke away all alone and could cross the finish line first. In the chase group, his teammate followed Bart Swings as second. The third place had to be decided by photo finish which had Nolan Beddiaf before Ewen Fernandez.

In the women’s race Aura Quintana Herrera from the Vitoria Gasteiz International Team crossed the finish line first before Katharina Rumpus from Powerslide and Marine LeFeuvre from EOSkates.

With more than 7.000 participants in all disciplines, events and competitions and more than 25.000 spectators the Rennes sur Roulettes Festival of the last two days was once again one of the most important Roller Sports Event in Europe.


1.    Felix Rijhnen (GER) Powerslide / Matter Racing Team - 1:05:07.283
2.    Bart Swings (BEL) Powerslide / Matter Racing Team - 1:05:25.100
3.    Nolan Beddiaf (FRA) EOSkates World Team - 1:05:25.405

1.    Aura Christina Quintana Herrera (COL) Vitoria Gasteiz International Team - 1:17:58.871
2.    Katharina Rumpus (GER) Powerslide / Matter Racing Team - 1:17:59.437
3.    Marine Lefeuvre (FRA) EOSkates World Team - 1:17.59.512

WIC Calendar 2019

After Oropesa del Mar (Spain) on 9th of March, Dijon (France) on 12th May and Rennes (France) on 26th May the next stop of the 2019 WORLD INLINE CUP will be in Ostrava (Czech Republic) on 15th June followed by Harbin (China) on 21st July. The cup will see its climax at the final race held in Berlin (Germany) at the world’s largest Inline Marathon on 28th September.

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