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Felix Rijhnen And Aura Quintana Win the 2019 WORLD INLINE CUP

Felix Rijhnen first German male winner of the BMW Berlin Marathon Inlineskating

Sandrine Tas from Belgium wins the Women’s Race

After five Marathons in Oropesa del Mar (Spain), Rennes and Dijon (France), Ostrava (Czech Republic) and Harbin (China) the Grand Slam of Inline skating culminated today on its sixth and final leg of this year´s WORLD INLINE CUP in Berlin. The German capital saw again more than 5000 inline skaters and a great elite race which was accompanied by an extended inline skating programme featuring several kids´ races, sprints and former events. Torrential rain stopped just before the start, making the marathon a challenge for all participants.

Men's and women’s race were decided just on the finish line

A leading group with top skaters like Felix Rijhnen, Nolan Beddiaf, Elton de Souza, Bart Swings and Alex Cujavante stayed together most of the race. In the final metres Felix Rijhnen (Powerslide Matter Racing Team) was able to break away from the field and could win the Berlin Marathon for the first time. Nolan Beddiaf (EOSkates World Team) came in second, while third place went to Elton de Souza (CastellonSpain Signpost Marathon). Felix Rijhnen is the first ever German in history winning the BMW Berlin Marathon Inlineskating on home turf. He also broke Bart Swings’ winning streak of six times in a row in the previous years.

Women's race decided on the finish line only

The women’s race was very similar, as the pack stayed together with Sandrine Tas from Belgium coming in first before her teammate and last year’s winner Katharina Rumpus (both Powerslide Matter Racing Team). Bronze went to Yi-Hsuan Liu from Taiwan.

Powerslide/Matter Racing Team won both Men’s and Women’s Team Rankings. Sriya Mistry (NZL) and Jason Suttels (BEL) are this year’s Junior World Inline Cup winners.

Final rankings WORLD INLINE CUP 2019

1. Felix Rijhnen (GER, Powerslide Matter World Team)
2. Nolan Beddiaf (FRA, EOSkates World Team)
3. Patxi Peula (ESP, Vitoria-Gasteiz International Team)

1. Aura Quiuntana Herrera (COL, Vitoria-Gasteiz International Team)
2. Katharina Rumpus (GER, Powerslide Matter World Team)
3. Marine Lefeuvre (FRA, EOSkates World Team)

Team Women
1. Powerslide Matter Racing Team
2. Vitoria-Gasteiz International Team
3. CastellonSpain Signpost Marathon                                                                                                            

Team Men
1. Powerslide Matter Racing Team
2. Castellon Spain Signpost Marathon
3. EOSkates World Team                                                                                                                               
Juniors Women
1. Sriya Mistry (NZL)

Juniors Men
1. Jason Suttels (BEL, Powerslide Matter Racing Team)
2. Matteo Barrison (FRA)
3. Rafael Heredia (ESP)

The 2020 WORLD INLINE CUP calendar will be published soon!!!

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