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50 Days to go to the 20th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inlineskating


Who will get the Trophy?

Berlin, 5th August 2016, After an exciting season of skating so far at Incheon, Rennes, Dijon and Ostrava the 2016 WORLD INLINE CUP competition is nearing the finish line. The final race will be held this year in the German capital Berlin, on September 24th where the male and female overall winners of the WIC 2016 and also the GERMAN INLINE CUP (GIC) will be determined.

Big final for men’s trophy

Berlin, as the final race of the WORLD INLINE CUP and being a TOP CLASS RACE, offers more points to the professionals, making this race crucial for finding out who is the best of the best. We have seen a true stellar performance from the Belgium skater Bart Swings in Incheon (KOR) and Rennes (FRA). Yet due to his injury-related absence in Dijon (FRA) and Ostrava (CZE) the deck was reshuffled. After the impressive victory of Ewen Fernandez in Dijon and Felix Rijhnen’s first ever WIC victory in Ostrava, nine athletes can still win the WIC 2016 trophy. So the final in Berlin will be a thrilling one for sure.  

Head to head race for the women’s trophy

On the women's side things look just as exciting. The Berlin race will be showcasing two brilliant athletes who will be competing head to head for the prize. Katharina Rumpus from Germany placed 1st in Ostrava and Dijon and 2nd in Rennes has just proved once again her excellent shape by winning the marathon at the European Championships in Heerde a week ago. Nicole Begg from New Zealand has collected enough points in Incheon and Ostrava giving her a good chance to secure the WORLD INLINE CUP trophy.

Registrations for the BMW Berlin-Marathon Inlineskating are closed.

Sarasota , 29th October
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