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Due to circumstance the organisers of the WORLD INLINE CUP have decided to cancel the WIC Ranking for 2020. The cancellation of the races in Rennes, Dijon and Berlin due to the Corona situation, the pandemic situation in Colombia and China and the restrictive travel regulations for European skaters for destinations out of Europe have led to the decision that a fair and reliable ranking for the WORLD INLINE CUP will not be possible for this season. The interests of elite athletes as well as leisure skaters and fans are still our foremost considerations and a participation in the races should be possible for everybody.

Current situation of the WIC races in 2020

  • Dijon, France –                           CANCELLED
  • Rennes, France -                        CANCELLED
  • Barranquilla, Colombia -              CANCELLED
  • Harbin, China -                            PENDING
  • Berlin, Germany -                        CANCELLED
  • Ostrava, Czech Republic -           3rd October 2020 (tbc)
  • Funchal, Madeira, Portugal -       25th October 2020

In accordance with national developments and regulations, we will issue updates on the races potentially yet to be held.

Races taking place in 2020 will have the status of an WIC associated race

Due to the corona pandemic, Races organised by WIC organisers taking place in 2020 are not official WIC Marathons regarding prize money and ranking points. The organisers have re-confirmed their partnerships for 2021 but this year the races will have a strong national character due to the travel regulations and distancing requirements. The races will have a status of a WORLD INLINE CUP ASSOCIATED RACE.
“The national regulations in the different countries and continents where WIC Races would take place are too inconsistent. The travel restrictions are also quite different from country to country so that the requirements for the athletes would not be fair. At the moment we can only assume that there will be two WIC races in 2020. Two races would not be enough for a WIC Ranking. And finally, the athletes could not prepare themselves for the marathon season. Under these circumstances we decided to cancel the WIC Ranking for 2020”, said Volker Schlichting, Executive Director of the WORLD INLINE CUP.

Registrations and further information for/about the Madeira Roller Marathon can be done via: www.madeirarollermarathon.com/inscricoes/
Registrations for Ostrava will be forwarded by us to the local organiser. Paid registration fees can be refunded upon request or can be used in 2021

WIC Calendar 2021 

We want to look to the future with optimism and are already working on the WIC calendar for 2021. We will inform about dates and news. Now we wish all athletes and partners health and confidence.

The WORLD INLINE CUP is the world’s largest Inline marathon series with international races in Europe, China and South America. It unites elite skaters and leisure skaters at interesting and iconic locations. 

Funchal , 12nd June
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