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Ostrava (CZE) - 19 June 2021

Ostrava has seen some awesome races in the past with some of the top elite skaters from all over the world like Peter Michael, Yann Guyader, Bart Swings, Felix Rijhnen and many more. We are looking forward to seeing you in Ostrava- Poruba, where anyone can test their skills against the worlds best skaters or just push their limits on a circuit with very good surface and a challenging hill.

Facts about the Race
City: Ostrava
Country: Czech Republic
Date: 19 June 2021
Class: Class 1
Website: www.lifeinline.cz/cs

Ostrava Documents

Ostrava 2020 Fact Sheet to follow soon

Ostrava News

ue to the ongoing corona pandemic, the WORLD INLINE CUP organisers are sorry to…

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